Next session: Friday, August 17, 6:00pm

Howdy again, Amigos.

I just got the latest news from Marshal Shannon.
Super thanks and awesome to Oran and Teresa for getting signed up and earning a $15 cash bounty of extree starting cash for their characters.

Wanna get in on this? Sign up by the time Shannon’s back from HI (Wednesday)for $15 your own self, or before we have our first session (to be agreed on; I expect it’ll be a lot of chattin’ and character making) to claim a $10 bounty.
Good luck! And if’n ya need any aid with that, just get with Marshal Shannon and I reckon he’ll fix ya right up.

Any character history or personality ideers squirming around in your brain? Well, come on, let them critters out. Put’em here, or send a telegraph to the Marshal. You’ll feel powerful better, I promise.

Welcome to No Man’s Land.

Greetings, Amigo.

There ain’t a lot to go on yet, but I’ll tells ya what I knows on this here paper.

Marshal Shannon’s plannin’ on startin’ a short Deadlands Reloaded game in mid-late March. His original Evernight players will have first crack at playing.

Right now he’s reckonin’ folks with mistakes, bad deeds, losses, or just plain orneriness in their past comin’ together and workin’ to make up fer what they did. Or act now fer when they jus’ stood by before. Or jus get somethin’ right fer a change.

We’re gonna start in the great state of Colorado. Now, Colorado don’t belong with the Union or with the Confederacy neither. Makes it one a them disputed territories. A course, that don’t mean that folks all see it that way. Lotsa folks, an’ powerful ones, too, got theys own ideas ‘bout where Colorado oughta belong, or even if it should be a nation all it’s own self.

In Colorado theres lotsa making’ new towns, inventions, minin’ and buildin’ railroads (and them what’s minin’ and railroadin’ be doing a right bunch a fightin’ too). All kinda folks is moving’ here everyday. Should be a right lively place to start on making’ a new life.

Shannon also reckons that setting up playing times that work for everybody will be the toughest part of getting started. He’s gonna send out invites and a short list o’questions for his players to see what they want in a game, and so’s they can start figurin’ out a right proper time to play.

I’ll let ya know iff’n I learns anymore.

In the meantime,
Viya con Dios (Marshal Shannon says yer gonna need all the help ya can git).

Hellfire and Redemption

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