Hellfire and Redemption

A Screech in the Night
A Horse With Four-Wheel Drive

White Calf pointed to the fading palm marks on each Posse member, and said, “Buffalo Spirit owes you a debt. It is possible you may call upon It in the future. I, too, owe a debt and thank you for your assistance. Your courage will not be forgotten.” Her new charges in tow, she and Little Bear turn away, headed North.

After an inconclusive and vague conversation with the night travelers whose appearance was so timely, the Posse beds down, keeping off the misting rain as best they can.

Jack is alerted by a distant crash of metal on metal and rouses the Posse. Despite Siobhan’s lighting herself like the moon on fire, they make little progress in the darkness.

At first light, and after coffee in tin mugs, Siobhan sends Fergus, quorking and squawking, out searching for the noise’s source. Fergus reports a “giant man,” far off and moving away. The posse hurries through Crowley’s Crossing in pursuit, eventually leaving the road for the squishy soil of the prairie in order to follow their quarry directly.

At the end of a hot, overcast, and humid day, which saw the Posse push or pull the wagon out of a muddy hole no less than seven times, the Posse approaches an isolated farm. In the dull light at dusk, Jack sees two mounted riders skulking behind them on the edge of the horizon. “Perhaps I’m being judgmental,” he thinks, and turns his attention to the wan woman, shotgun in hand, emerging from the warm light of the farmhouse.

Naked Buffalo
Cover your eyes!

Our posse, thanks to some timely help (a fusillade of rifle fire) from a group of travelers, have succeeded in helping White Calf and her son Little Bear rid the West of a horrific scourge.

Where to next?

This Friday, we pick up from the point just after the twisted buffalo creatures are killed, revealing the deserters who were cursed for desecrating a burial ground. If they are to be believed, that is.

Who are these mysterious strangers with the long guns and the skill to use them? Where are they from? Why are they traveling the rutted and mud-clogged roads of the West at Midnight?


I Love a Rainy Night

Town of Crowley’s Ford
Disputed Territories
South-Eastern Colorado
September 9, 1877

A three day rain drives livestock, birds, cowpokes and travelers into shelters. The Golden Hotel fills with farmers unable to return home, cowpokes unwilling to risk returning to their ranches, and soggy travelers who cannot continue.


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