Lawrence Croft

A tall, skinny, eldery gentleman. Mainly dresses in coveralls, a straw hat and carries a well-maintained pitchfork. Novice, 0 XP.


Agility 1d6
Smarts 1d8
Spirit 1d8
Str 1d4
Vigor 1d6

Tale Teller (DLPG, p. 38)
Strong Willed (+2 to intimidate / taunt rolls; and to resist same)

Hindrances: Bad Eyes (minor) – [w/o glasses, -2 penalty to any trait roll to shoot or
notice something more than 25’ distant]
Cautious (“now, let’s not be hasty, we can watch for a while from here”);
Curiosity (“I wonder what could be in that long abandoned mine shaft”)

Fighting d4
Intimidate d6
Investigation d4
Knowledge (Law) d8
Knowledge (Latin) d4
(Injun: Arapaho) d4
Persuasion d8
Shooting d4
Taunt d6

Gear: Overalls, Pitchfork, straw hat, $275 ($100 monthly income, deposited to Wells Fargo Bank in Denver, CO).


Lawrence Croft

Originally a lawyer from Hinna, Virginia, Croft came to Denver, then to Coffin Rock to make a fortune in mining. Being a learned man, however, he found himself in demand by towns seeking professionals and skilled labor to make them a going concern.

After four years of a thriving law practice, Croft retired from his firm and currently enjoys the country lifestyle. Not having to worry about making a profit from his ranch, Croft has free time to wander the Weird West in search of . . . curiosities.

Lawrence Croft

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