Jaqueline "Jack" Ridgeway by Anne

Loner who always finds a way to get by


Jaqueline “Jack” Ridgeway

Agility 6
Smarts 8
Spirit 6
Str 6
Vigor 6

Secondary characteristics (derived stats)
Grit 1
Charisma +0
Pace 6
Parry 5
Toughness 5

Knack: breech birth (can discard a fate chip to use the Greater Healing power; no roll, automatically heals one wound)
Jack of all trades (removes -2 penalty to unskilled skill rolls)

Fighting 6
Gambling 4
Investigation 4
Knowledge (_____________) 4
Lock picking 4
Notice 6
Persuasion 4
riding 4
Shooting 4
Stealth 6
Streetwise 4
Survival 4

Curious (major)
Outsider (minor)
Loyal (minor)

Gear: [Prepared, d10)]


Jaqueline’s father died early in the war. Her mother became a camp follower, and dressed “Jackie” as a boy “to keep her safe.” Since leaving the life of a camp follower, Jack dresses and is treated like a man. Thus far, no one has gotten close enough to guess her true gender as Jack travels the Weird West looking for a place to belong, but never really fitting in.

Jaqueline "Jack" Ridgeway by Anne

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