Angel McCoy

Huckster, 5'4" tall, waist length black hair, green eyes, long fingernails


Character Sheet Form
Huckster, 5’4" tall, waist length black hair, green eyes, long fingernails, bitter

Agility d6
Smarts d6
Spirit d6
Strength d6
Vigor d6

Secondary characteristics (derived stats)
Grit 1
Charisma +2
Pace 6
Parry 5
Toughness 5

Arcane Background
Whateley Blood (Novice, Arcane Background) – exotic
Dealer’s Choice (Novice, Arcane Background, Spellcasting d6+) – any time dealt a card for any reason, after you have looked at it, you can choose to spend a fate chip to redraw
another card.

Skills (start w/ 15 points):
Fighting agility d6
Gambling smarts d6
Healing smarts d6
Notice smarts d6
Riding agility d4
Shooting agility d6
Stealth agility d6
Survival smarts d6

Curious (Major)
Vengeful (Minor)
Quirk (Minor)

Horse – $150
Saddle – $25 (30 lbs)
Saddlebags – $5 (5 lbs)
Boots – $8 (4 lbs)
Chaps – $4 (6 lbs)
Trousers – $2 (2 lbs)
Work shirt – $1 (1 lb)
Duster – $10 (4 lbs)
Knife – Damage Str+d4 – $2 (1 lb)
2 Colt Peacemaker .45’s – Range 12/24/48; Damage 2d6+1 – $15 each (2 lbs each)
100 rounds of ammo – $6 (10 lbs)
Gun belt – $2 (1 lb)
2 holsters – $3 each (1 lb each)
2 decks of playing cards – $0.50
Bed roll – $4 (10 lbs)
Canteen – $1 (5 lbs full/1 lb empty)
Mess kit – $2 (3 lbs)
Rope (50’) – $5 (8 lbs)
Matches (box of 100) – $0.50 (1/4 lb)

Only daughter of Jim McCoy and his wife, Whateley ancestor, Tricia Murphy. Younger sister of Karl, Leo, John, and Rip. Tricia was frustrated at having sons who were shunned by almost everyone in their little town. She was ecstatic when Angel was born and was happy to have a gorgeous little girl to dote on. Her excitement dimmed quickly when Angel became more and more of a tomboy every year. Angel idolized her big brothers and became more and more bitter as she watched them shunned by the town folks. Tricia threw up her hands in disgust when Angel started refusing to wear dresses when she turned 8 years old. Tricia ran off with a huckster named Devil Hatfield just after Angel’s 9th birthday. Jim McCoy took his wife’s leaving hard and became an alcoholic. He died of alcohol poisoning when Angel was 16 years old. By that time Angel was tired of being fawned over while her brothers were shunned. She refused to answer to her name by then and everyone just started calling her Mac. Angel didn’t want to be a schoolmarm (not that her little town would have let her teach their kids anyway) so she began traveling and gambling when she was 18.


Angel McCoy

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